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Introduction: When the high-quality picture community joins the Lomo short video function, everything can be more interesting.

Breaking through the traditional design will bring you new surprises in your product experience.

Fast and smooth operation makes your photos so close to perfection.

Break the boundaries of the platform and say to everyone, "Welcome to my life!"

Main characteristics:

1. Record wonderful moments, and Weico+will accompany you to capture the beauty of life anytime and anywhere.

2. 6-second Lomo video capture, share the beautiful life at any time.

3. Multiple photo editing, axis shifting, cutting, rotating, and adding a picture frame can be done in one simple step.

4. 19 new vacation filters, mobile phone photos can also be turned into works of art.

5. Add a personality tag, brand your photos with a funny tag, and let more people find your creativity.

6. Cool topic party, there is always a party for you!

7. Explore nearby fun, view geographical location information, and explore the stories being staged around the world.

8. Easily share with friends, and share this moment with friends on Sina Weibo, QQ Space, Renren, Douban, Twitter and Facebook!