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  •  Desert camel

    Desert camel

    The 17 in the summer to play with nameless desert war against the continuous dream of a few days to a desert adventure and then landing visa, Egypt recently heard the song vibrato, what is love ah Composer: Exhibition and exhibition with the lyrics: Rolls Royce rolls and Rolls Royce exhibition arrangement: I want to cross the desert to find the true self only around a camel to accompany me to the wind...
  •  stray


    To this kind of thing is digging on their own to create what I do not genius than anyone I just work hard step by step came as I looked behind not a figure that help the lazy people at the foot of talking about who that guy is a genius what a joke I hate leisurely leisurely grow slow than I have...
  •  The Storyteller

    The Storyteller

    I remember the day between Tianjin river walk, see a man in the town market in the neck above the stage, holding a wool face mouth yellow monkeys, and heard no neck, I only have this monkey spent rocket, missile arsenal, did, take or A the driver's license in may open carrier, back plane, and the audience shouted: medium monkey's name? After listening to a table:...
  •  OceanBase subquery

    OceanBase subquery

    In the data, the sub query can be divided into sub queries and the dependence is not dependent on the sub query. A dependence of the sub query means' variable 'execution of the sub query on the external query, so the subquery will usually be counted multiple times. No dependence of the sub query means' variable 'the sub query execution does not depend on the external query, this seed...
  •  FD 32 2000 QQ brush tutorial

    FD 32 2000 QQ brush tutorial

    QQ group open group 32 technology is relatively simple. How is the regular way, not the software to open, not open bug, regular and long. Open the 32 2000 crowd need 7 days, 7 days is 32 seconds, qualification, qualification, can be a constructive weekend update
  •  Oceanbase distributed polymerization under pressure

    Oceanbase distributed polymerization under pressure

    Aggregation operators in the database, such as sum, AVG, group, by, sort, CPU and IO will spend a lot of resources for computing and reading and writing, through the parallel execution mode, the corresponding operator under pressure to each computing node, make full use of the computing resources of the cluster, enhance the execution efficiency. Overall, poly cost-effective...
  •  2018chinajoy


    Not much interest, to also look at the girl over ~ surprise is to see the magic master ah ah ah yes and Chinese @ an endorsement of the wind, big strength against the current cold
  •  Universal grammar summary

    Universal grammar summary

    Const INT_VALUE: matching type integer constants, such as 123. DECIMAL_VALUE: fixed type constant, such as 123.456. STR_VALUE: matching string constants, such as abc. NULL: NULL, constant. STORAGE_SIZE: matching deposit...