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Shanghai Wuyue pump valve group Co., Ltd
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The construction of ecological civilization is the fundamental plan related to the future of mankind. In recent years, the increasingly prominent environmental problems have made more and more enterprises realize that it is urgent to practice green sustainable development. The realization of green environmental protection can not only rely on external actions, but also be truly internal
There are numerous drainage pipes under the city, which are equivalent to the dense capillaries of human body. If one line fails, it may affect the whole region. In recent years, China has increased the scale of urban rainwater and sewage diversion year by year and achieved good results
The recent ten years have been the golden decade for many industries. As an indispensable pillar product of many industries, high-pressure magnetic pump has been keeping increasing demand year by year in China's market, ushering in a brilliant period of development. High in China
From the birth of the first computer to the popularity of the Internet to thousands of households, digitalization has ushered in a rapid and efficient vigorous development in China. Digitalization has become the main starting point of the development of today's manufacturing industry, and is accelerating the deep integration with all walks of life
With the advent of the hot summer, the plum rain season has arrived as scheduled, many areas ushered in a rare heavy rainfall weather, rain and sewage mixed make many areas suffer from serious flood disasters, not only to the daily work and life of urban residents
With the rapid integration of digital economy and real economy, the economic share brought by digitization has begun to increase on a large scale, and has gradually become the core force driving the development of China's national economy. All industries have already made efforts to "develop digital economy"
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