Shenzhen song Filling Technology Development Co., Ltd. specializes in tantalum capacitor manufacturers in China. At the same time, it also imports tantalum capacitors such as AVX KEMET. Passive components one stop supplier, welcome to call 400-881-3331 if necessary.

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 AVX, KEMET tantalum capacitor agent, domestic tantalum capacitor manufacturer, Shenzhen song fill technology development Co., Ltd.

About us

Founded in 1999, Shenzhen song fill technology development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. It is mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of tantalum capacitors for military industry and civilian use. Its products are widely used in IT, communications, instrumentation, medical electronics, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, and other military and civilian fields. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen.

And set up a new Asian flagship store in Huaqiang North, the largest electronic trading market in China, and established marketing centers in Beijing, Hongkong and Shanghai.

Adhering to the management concept of integrity, mutual benefit and law-abiding, the company has maintained a good momentum of steady development over the years. Its reputation has been constantly improving and its market share has been expanding. To meet the needs of customers at home and abroad, it is suited to the increasingly competitive international market.


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