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The United States travel new members

Published: 2017/9/5 Views: 0

In September 4th five, a large and high level luxury tourist bus into the United States Tourism Transport Company Limited parking lot. This is the beauty of Deqing County tourism passenger bid 10 vehicles (car), international tourism passenger business right after the purchase of the first batch of passenger car. 54 of the 3 cars, 2 cars in total 38 seats, 238 seats.

With the continuous development of Deqing tourism, increase the passenger bus equipped with an inevitable trend. The United States travel for many years, and always will be the safety and service standards in the first place, with excellent hardware equipment and quality service, in the passenger travel industry establish a good reputation.

The United States will continue to enhance their travel, unremittingly efforts, to provide better public services, as a force of Deqing tourism passenger service!


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