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The United States Tour won the 2014 annual Zhejiang province top 100 travel agency title

Published: 2015/12/29 Views: 1775

The day before, from the Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau " Two thousand and fourteen That announcement "Zhejiang Province hundred travel agencies list, Zhejiang Meidu travel limited re hundred travel agency, ranked No. Thirty-two A.

Top 100 travel agency is the Provincial Tourism Bureau on the basis of the "Statistics Law", "travel regulations" and "travel regulations" and "rules for the implementation of Tourism Statistics survey system" and "travel survey method", through the travel agency survey indicators and assessment, according to the National Tourism Administration Two thousand and fourteen The travel agency national statistical investigation projects ranking standard, based on the local tourism sector in the first instance, discharge" Two thousand and fourteen The province's annual Top 100 travel agency".

In 2015, with the company's overall relocation settled chamber of Commerce Building Twenty-eight The United States by virtue of a strong tourism building, the overall strength and quality of service, and constantly improve the structure and layout of the industrial chain, at the same time, enterprises continue to grow the service quality to do deep penetration. The future, the company according to the industrial chain integration development needs, and actively cultivate mining company personnel and preparations for the talent reserves plan, through talent driven enterprise development, so as to obtain sustainable competitive advantage, make new contributions to the development of enterprises has profound. 

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