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Shunyi Hanshiqiao wetland in small Baiyangdian Lake

Published: August 15, 2014 Views: 41008

"A paradise under Jervois" this sentence may be a lot of people know, then you know that the second half of the sentence? -- "South West Lake, North Baiyangdian, Lake" visible is a rare tourist resort, Shunyi Hanshiqiao wetland is called small Baiyangdian Lake, so here can not only see beautiful lotus, can feel the beauty of Baiyangdian, really is the value.

Beijing is located in the eastern plains of Hanshiqiao Wetland Nature Reserve, a total area of 1900 hectares, of which the core area of about 3000 acres, is the only large reed marsh wetland in Beijing plain area.

Protected areas recorded 153 species of birds, including 2 species of animal protection at the national level, two national protected animal 17 kinds, 292 kinds of wild plants, many rare and endangered migratory bird habitat and transfer station. For more effective protection of the typical reed marsh wetland ecosystems and wildlife, Beijing Municipal People's Government in April 2005 approved the establishment of Hanshiqiao Wetland Nature Reserve in June of the same year, Shunyi District people's government set up the Management Office of Beijing city Shunyi District Hanshiqiao wetland nature reserve protection, scientific research and popularization, development and utilization of the main work responsible for wetland.

Open time: all day long
Park tickets: Free
Address: Beijing City, Shunyi District Shunping Road on the south side of Yang, Yang section
1, the best ornamental lotus time: from May to July is the lotus blooming season, there are purple red, deep rose red, orange, pink, yellow five varieties. From July to September is the lotus blooming season, purple, pink, yellowish green, pink, pale rose red, deep pink six varieties.
2, the best birding time: every year from March to May, September to November is the migration season, a large number of birds perched on Hanshiqiao wetland foraging, the two time most suitable for bird watching activities.
Bus: bus 918 (Dongzhimen - Sanyuanqiao - Shunyi city - Nancai - Yang Street get off a taxi)
Self driving route: Sanyuanqiao - Airport - Airport South line, high-speed Beijing level high-speed - wood export - Yan Road straight 8 kilometers north of Sanyuanqiao; or the direction of Beijing - dead trees around the island to the East and Shunping Road, 3 kilometers south of the intersection of Mu yan.

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