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Qingming is approaching someone in Shao Jingqing's place to go on vacation

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Zhejiang Longmen antique town

Longmen town overlooking the ancient turtle shape like one thousand years, there is a stream through the town, the town is the theme of ancient buildings, mostly residential streets and Qing Dynasties has been well preserved. Ming Yun breeze throughout the town publicity, with a very leisurely life. Qingming this, walking in the Ming and Qing authentic old house, you can slow down, enjoy.


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Longmen has more than fifty kilometers from Hangzhou, is said to be the emperor of Wu's hometown of Sun Quan during the Three Kingdoms period. Jiangnan Water faintly shadow, there are many copycat residents mark, more buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty and profound historical atmosphere. The most rare is still in the boudoir, the town is still the life of the town, honest people almost don't dye commercial breath.

Longmen street about 400 meters of gravel is not to be, the streets are moist pebbles very gentle years, on both sides of the shop was visible in old shop signs, the light is very dim, the owner of the shop sprawled on the rocking chair, humming along with the radio babbling old play. No flooding of surrounding tourist souvenirs, and no one shouted to sell, there is a very rare quiet.

The town of Longmen dishes, both to accommodate the western Zhejiang dishes are spicy, and hangcai fine, has a unique taste. A canola tofu skin elsewhere is difficult to taste. Raw materials for the famous Fuyang dongwushan tofu skin, commonly known as the "golden clothes", the appearance of yellow, oily through the net, thin, and rape with cooking, green with yellow, fresh slide entrance.

This season, the Longmen sun, a pot of wine two dishes, listen to the village of slang words and barking, really. At least, not to get yourself gone.

Transport line

The bus from Fuyang city to the town of Longmen is only 20 km away, dozens of classes and Pakistan every day.

Self driving: drive from Hangzhou along State Road 320 south line or Hang Xinjing (i.e. Hangzhou) highway to Tonglu direction, port after the toll station, along highway 19 along 8 km to reach Longmen. By car: Hangzhou to Fuyang highway 320 to Tonglu, Jiande, the port bridge toll station 100 meters before the turn left under the crossing highway, 8 kilometers to reach the Longmen town.

Admission ticket:

Longmen ticket price is 68 yuan, the ticket ticket system

The beautiful town of Fengjing town called Hibiscus

Jiangnan ancient town from the boiling water, water is the soul of the ancient town, has a smart and vitality to the town. Fengjing town for a typical Jiangnan Town, around the lake in area of rivers, there are "three steps of two bridges, one at ten Hong Kong", the township small Wei, the shape of lotus leaf; domestic forest shade, crowded houses, water rapids, planted flowers, elegant and beautiful; therefore, Feng Jing town also known as the "breeze Jing", "Feng Xi", alias "Furong town".

"Wu Yiyi Wu water, Wu Yi good tour boats". A few boats from far and near, and slowly away, the heart, can not help but also follow away by night reverie if boats, swinging in the flickering lamplight, indulge in the pulp sound creak, dream in Jiangnan charm, the more beautiful!


Special surprise:

1, the Ding Cong Cartoon Museum exhibition is rich in content, informative, comic works complete, vivid, profound satire and humor, is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

2, the ancient promenade walk in the long gallery rain shed, staring at the glittering Tianmu Mountain water, the history of peace and a better life in front.

Admission ticket:

1, small ticket 50 yuan / person (Fengjing town), 30 yuan / person (peasant painting village)

2, big ticket 60 yuan / person (visit "Fengjing town" and "peasant painting village" two scenic spots)

The beautiful town of Fengjing town called Hibiscus

New leaf village is located in Hangzhou Jiande southwest rock the town, away from the Rock Scenic Area 6 km, 11 km away from Zhuge village, by up to 330 National Road in the village.

Into a new leaf, you will find that this is a long history, the simple folk village, is a modern hang around to make the land of idyllic beauty, came to the village, you will feel a rare quiet and natural.

New leaf village was built in the Southern Song Dynasty, due to the village behind the village of Huashan jade mountain, so the new leaf village department called Yip's yuhua. According to research, the new leaf village is currently the big ye village.

The village now has 800 years of history, the Ming and Qing Dynasties building more than 200 buildings, is the domestic cultural relics experts regarded as models of vernacular architecture protection. In a quiet lane, a level Qingshiban, from the Ming Dynasty to the last is smooth and simple algae rich in Qing Dynasty, and the modern simple, we read the years of change and sigh.


Traffic: go to the new leaves, self driving from Hangxinjing high-speed to shouchang exit, turn left at the 320 National Road, and then turn to the 330 National Road (Lanxi direction), to rock the town 7 kilometers to the left.

In addition, there are two bus to Hangzhou bus station every day new leaves; can also be from Hangzhou to Jiande Xin'An River, Jiande bus station, every 30 minutes there is a bus to the new leaf.


A youth hostel and small family restaurant new leaf village, special snack, with dishes with the point, but also affordable accommodation, one day, and as long as 100 to 150 yuan.

Gaoqian ancient village: a village so silent

The Gaoqian ancient village is located in Zhejiang Xianju County Baita Town, and Shenxianju, view about adjacent. Village east open plain in the South and west of the Yingzuishan king about, the White River, a total area of 1 square kilometers.

In April, the yellow flowers of rape blossom. A village in Xianju as the land of idyllic beauty, look at the rape, the old house, see taogongliulu...... Even if it is raining, so comfortable and quiet, is the most unforgettable spring.

Renjiedeling Gaoqian ancient village has 700 years of history, and is one of the gathering of the Wu family, is also a typical Jiangnan family residence, residents in the Wu family, is Wu clan organization under the management of blood village, still inhabited by more than 1000 families, still maintaining the traditional life style and folk customs.

The Gaoqian ancient village of the most noteworthy is its grand scale residential buildings, the layout of beautiful, magnificent, the size distribution of the courtyard has caused, although after thousands of years of wind and rain of blood, but still intact, is a precious cultural heritage of ancient buildings. These ancient villages built in the Yuan Dynasty, but the existing buildings and the village pattern is built after the Qing Emperor Qianlong to Xianfeng, the village remained in Qing Dynasty to early Republic of China style, is a village in the middle of Zhejiang the most representative of the fall.

Through the Gaoqian ancient village, from the house named: province hall, new hall, who consider Shen Detang, hall, hall, hall, a new Ren Detang, Yu Qingtang and so on, we can see that the traditional virtues of the Wu family to Germany to support people, children, teach people to book the pursuit of fame. Compared with other parts of the ancient bridges - bright fall, Gaoqian ancient village of the family blood color is more intense.



The Gaoqian ancient village in Xianju County, 20 kilometers southwest from downtown Wenling, starting from the Daxi high-speed, Taiwan Jin expressway exit Xianju East, only need 1.5 hours or so. Now the rape are in full bloom, the scenery is pretty good.

Admission ticket:

Ancient residential tickets 35 yuan, but because the village is also home to the villagers, scenic area is open to the village from every corner can enter the scenic area.


Anhui Jixi road crossing of a play

Huihang Road West of Anhui County of Jixi Province Sichuan village (also known as Longchuan fish fish), Zhejiang East of Ling'an city in Zhejiang Province Based Tamura (aka Xichuan), is said to be more than 50 in the full-length (full 5-6 hours), is an important link in the relationship between Huizhou and Hangzhou.

The starting point of the "fish Chuan Cun road Road Hotel" side, there is a door, engraved with the fuzzy "Zhejiang path".

It is said that to go to Huihang Road, starting from Jixi, the emblem of Hangzhou in order to enjoy ancient charm and taste All sufferings have their reward. happiness. We chose to start from Anhui, it is entirely a ride along the easy.


From Anhui to Hangzhou, elevation 700 meters, from Hangzhou into the emblem, only more than 300 meters above sea level rise. This is a big difference.


The South can directly take the train to Jixi tour pal, can also go to Jixi from Mount Huangshan, Hangzhou and other neighboring city by bus. At the bus station opposite the ride to Jixi "Jixi - Hu Jia village of Pakistan (20 minutes for a bus, the bus 17:30), about an hour's drive to" fish Chuan Cun (Huihang Road entrance) to get off. Arrow junctions have enthusiastic people in the wall to do the village through the winding lanes, after a period of farmland, a house to see the mouth of the canyon bridge, that is "road hotel".

Road line

The hotel - the first South Road - Huang Maopei - Hall - snow snow Hall - Blue - to - Zhejiang concave permanent base Tian Village

From the point of view of the road hotel, after a hydropower station is on the Huihang road stone road, a road to go as long as the most obvious Road on both sides of the road, do not ignore. Huang Mao Pei Cun to snow hall is jigenglu, the snow is not hall after walking tractor road, to take the stone road.

The blue sky concave holiday tickets have posts, 20 yuan per person.

The blue sky is concave after all the way down the mountain road, is also the most obvious Road on both sides of the road, do not ignore. If you have time and energy, you can start from the blue sky concave, the wild boar appeared hall 1787.4 meters above sea level in qingliangfeng.

Yunnan Tengchong volcanic Atami Hot Springs

Yunnan is located in the border of Tengchong and Burma, has the most abundant local volcanic Atami hot springs, wild mushroom and wild tea is a health diet. Due to Tengchong before the road is not good, only special tourists will have to travel less damage, which remains the most original ecological natural scenery.

Tengchong hump Airport opened 2010, tourism facilities to further improve Tengchong slowly as we know. Like other scenic spots in Yunnan, most tourists are concentrated in the summer and autumn two season tour. Qingming travel to Tengchong, you can avoid the "travel force", a global hot spring tour volcano volcano size, park, if you are interested in more to the border of Ruili, feel exotic.


Recommend play

Tengchong is located in western Yunnan border from Burma close, is the last stop on the ancient Silk Road in the southwest, so it is called "the very edge city". As a famous hot spring Kingdom and geothermal Volcano National Scenic Area in Tengchong, visitors can experience the volcano and hot springs wonders, can also tour the Gaoligong Mountains, Heshun, taste flavor snacks...... Qingming holiday tours, slowly, enjoy the magical and romantic landscape in Tengchong.

In Tengchong Rehai geothermal scenic area, due to crustal movement, although there is no volcano eruption, but has created numerous hot springs. The most famous to the large number of spring roll, an area of about ten square meters, the water temperature up to nearly 100 degrees celsius.

"Roll" on the side of the brick are placed under the egg and peanut, it was out of the heat without much effort, you can let the tourists eat delicious peanut and egg. Here Boiled Egg is very special, directly to the straw bag into a string of the egg, cooked in the outflow from the hot sea roll pot of hot water, which is one of the eighteen eccentrics of Yunnan - egg selling series.

While in Yunnan Tengchong Volcano Cluster National Geopark, many visitors to the volcano to show its unique posture, the shape preservation of the volcano, volcano volcano cone, interested, try sitting on a volcano.

If you have time, can also go to the China Burma border on a circle, and to go to Ruili Mans, surrounded by tropical taste that novel the journey. Driving to Ruili, can watch the Yamen toast was founded in the year 1851, it is currently China's most complete retention of Yamen toast.


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