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A letter to the Xishuangbanna letter

Published: August 5, 2014 Views: 37491
Graduate students majoring in professional director after graduation, she found a television production work in Shanghai, she fell asleep in the first morning light, crazy smoke, thought he was the midnight sleepless pendulum, eyes only work. A year later, the light in her eyes, she had become elusive, give great satisfaction to work, into the sleeping pills every night to knock. "Quit tomorrow!" "I want to go to Budapest to marry!" This time the people can fill the support in addition to delicacy and desire, there are more than 10 tons of heavy pressure kcal. I said: "you go to travel." She really took bigger than her white trunk gone, did not go to Budapest, to Xishuangbanna.

   Beautiful Xishuangbanna

"If you cannot stop time, at least you can make it a little slower and slower." This is my message before leaving for cardamom. If she is slow in Xishuangbanna, maybe I can find her in the corner of the Lancang river.

[not] Pattra wings to fly

I always listen to the temple park next to the front to see the lush trees in Manchester Luo Bedouin (Sanskrit Pattra, Dai called "Golan"), Theravada Buddhist temple, often can see the sacred tree covered with scales. Ignorant people will think they are the common palm trees, then, just look at several large fan-shaped blades, you will remember their appearance, and believe that trees will spread. Master Xuan Zang should not be unfamiliar to Bedouin Luo tree, he retrieved from India books is 1 place, "journey to the west", Tianhe drying story seems to be just the myth of the myth, because this leaves. Not only water and pest control, water will not adhesion, handwriting will not fade.

 Forget Xishuangbanna

Dong Yong met the seven fairies and the legendary Peacock Princess Dai Nan mu Nona does not know is what relation, 7 may be a good lucky number, Ki Nona at the top of the Peacock Princess Meng Dong board in China is also seven. In the Dai People's heart, Meng plate and the prince of Zhao Shu Tuen and Peacock Princess of the beautiful love known, and probably can be seen as the Peacock Princess Xi Shi and Mulan, represents beauty and courage. They love, like the Buddhist classics, was also written in Bayeux ever sung. Maybe I can find find Pattra, princess?

There are several youth hostel in Xishuangbanna state and Jinghong City, in the arena of Youth Hostel, often like the Dragon Inn in the legend, means that you provide free of charge to various lakes news. Indeed, the Mekong youth hostel when Yang Fan gave me for Manuscripts

In the "more than 20 degrees of wearing a white sweater Xishuangbanna girl, I remember her." Gray to have the impression that she cardamom, consecutive points of two millet pepper Steamed Rice with Beef, then write the script in the sun in her nest. If I, I will point a Xishuangbanna most signs of cow dry rock, in the eyes of the local people, no after taste this with the public and the shredded beef dry barbecue delicious, is not tasted the meat. "Then she may go to Menghai, she saw me put in those gadgets in the store." Gray said gadgets, he was in Xishuangbanna for 7 years. A motorcycle traveled hundreds of ethnic villages brought back after the clue: "a lot of Dai temples hidden in the ancient site carved by the manuscripts, but only where the Dai Park and Daluo port Burma first Meng Jing Zhai to have. You don't expect too much, just to entertain visitors performances." Xishuangbanna in January 27 C at noon, my heart cold half.

 Forget Xishuangbanna

Take things as they come. After 1 hours, I have been in 2 in the Dai Park eat the fresh baked pineapple stem, around the skirt of the Dai aunt while baking while smiling at me, with her smile and next to several strains of red canna. Let me a little relief, the reputation of Xishuangbanna great attractions and not the 5 Dai village life "from wine into vinegar", and I'm glad that I did not follow the scenic tourist map to see the peacock show too observant of conventional standards., cockfighting or Hazan (Dai Folk Singer) singing, otherwise, I will not in front of the temple Manchester spring encountered the name of Dai jade gold sister. At that time she was holding the Buddha pad colorful walked from my side, the Buddha pad sewn Dai skirt looks like a blossoming lotus.

 Forget Xishuangbanna

Mother asked me to go to her home, the young woman at the dragon boat in the slack season, often for the Buddhist Temple Buddha sewing pad, light is not clear on stilts, because of these glimpses of the "Lotus" and become glamorous.


Life does not seem to go away. Man will be around in their own houses on stilts stockade, the whole family, old and young, dried fruit and rubber saponin carefully strung beads, beside aunt still woven with red and green color cloth Manchester Manchester Dai; spring stockade, a big brother put Dai hundreds of pieces of stone in the Lancang river at the door, each one is he from Lancang in touch to the baby, and he in special collectomania tell me through every one has to travel back to a stone, like a big brother meet bosom friend, let me take your hand out two. I just picked up a piece of duck's egg size bluestone, the above water lines, the Lancang river has been developed for millions of years, it is bath River born peacock feather.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

The intersection, wearing a hat uncle Sir Dengzhe only live in the memory of the 28 inch master black bicycle with my pass, like the Latin American road movie in a cigar and drink rum, the sea breeze was blowing, wrinkled old skin. I hardly knew him at first sight - micro-blog picture tree cardamom carved by the people. The Jazz cap uncle as good to put away the pedal, like the old postman stopped cycling, hold out the parcel wrapped in a thick pile of leaves, in the shade for the booth, then like the mobile phone film master as a piece of leaf spread. I asked him what his name was, he answered with dai. After a minute chat completely, the old man took a pen at the moment of Scripture, Bayeux crooked wrote "wave Lun" three words, the name has been carved well above the "xinchengzeling" Dai Han interpreter text, to please the tourists is always on the move hand. Such a name card the size of the leaves, the elderly bid 2 yuan.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

Fortunately, most texts have not been finished. I looked at the old version of the "Tony Leung" holding pen carved Scripture, wave Lun uncle and Tony Leung, a large and handsome nose and deep eyes, the eyes in the Bayeux long parking time, you only see meditation and practice. Wave Er Lun took Dai Wen studied Classics from time to time for a moment, then move on to work, seriously heavy with lovely, as his name 3 dai. Dai and Thai, Hebrew as round, light on the blade rotation between the pen, you seem to see the flying baton, so as Karajan. The Pattra leaf may actually perceive music on the leaves of a looming black line looks like a standard, few people guess that is dipped in ink bow line pop-up lines, all the classics neat rigorous.

The carving process, looks like the leaves tattoo.

Cardamom back have a trip to Thailand to bring back the tattoo, similar to the six word mantra mantra. I asked her why I have not read a spell, she said, "today the popular things, after ten years, do you know where it is? Today do not understand, do not understand after ten years?" Look, really do not understand people who fall into my own. A bodhi, deep in the temple has a thousand years since the Pattra, clear writing, recording the time scale can touch. Perhaps they had wings like a peacock and plump, but attached to the land of Xishuangbanna is reluctant to leave, become Xishuangbanna meditation spell.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

[the] coffee Gray couple "embarrassed"

Cardamom micro-blog has been searching for her clues to me, and I like to play a game of the Da Vinci code tracking. Xishuangbanna, Shanghai is much larger than Beijing, but the difficulty of finding a person in the tropical rain forest, than there are countless junctions of the city jungle much smaller obviously. I know the cardamom, her eyes Xishuangbanna was only three blocks, cafes, villages and forests.

I didn't expect to find cardamom but I expect she will place, met a good local cafe. A girl, especially a single travel girl, cafe bar more than Theatre; although most cafes are.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

Fortunately, Xishuangbanna is not Dali and Lijiang, not to the cafe more than public toilets where the car that car ask a few local friends, almost all told me a name - Meng long road Mekong coffee 4. The coffee, openly charming name.


The boss and the boss Gray Duan Lijuan is good at the cafe to identify people of every hue. If you are not sure, a sound like shouting "Gray" and I, wearing a cowboy hat that Australia, with a beer belly, wearing a red plaid shirt, wearing a small child on around busy foreigners pretend you are surprised to move to your side, mouth to say: "Hey, you I know?" In fact, in Xishuangbanna, the state capital of Jinghong, almost every little world young people know the name of Gray, because of his family's Cafe known as love the holy land, can enjoy authentic dishes from Yunnan Arabica coffee, the most authentic local Dai Chung, dry lemon Coconut Chicken, lemongrass beef balls to taste fresh Italy beef carpaccio Goods are available in all varieties. quite fit the girls favor.

Baby, have Akha Hani soil pipe big earrings, Brown, Brown and the family of the child's hat aunt smoked, there are hundreds of years of history of Hani satchel. "She asked me where I can buy, I advise her to go to the mountains to see Meng Haibada put out, maybe there will be a harvest." Cardamom has a collection of TV, nostalgia and other addiction addiction, Yunnan ancient "put out" she will go.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

Next, is the new Xishuangbanna people Gray tells the live version of "in the way" afternoon tea time. In 1956 the French withdrawal from Vietnam, Gray's parents from the southeast humid Mekong River migrated to thousands of miles off the coast of West Africa, because of Gray's mother in Vietnam was pregnant with him, so it was far from the tropics to the first tropical travel, travel may be called Gray, travel gene start it was in his blood.

 Forget Xishuangbanna

Senegal did not retain Gray, he became a good cook back to South East Asian tropical sea breeze. Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta wandering in years, Gray produced the French seafood feast never lack of enthusiastic fans. 23 years ago, Gray came to Yunnan for the first time travel, was also Yunnan in the boudoir, foreigners are scarce varieties, when China visa 5 days before, Gray heard a beautiful name - Xishuangbanna, so plan travel plan good, "I want to exit from Xishuangbanna, to the Lao Lang brabrant." There was no network and travel guide, only hearsay, results in Chinese visa only 2 days left, Gray in Mengla County Mohan port to eat cold-shoulder treatment, had to return to Kunming to fly out of Chinese fold.


The first 48 hours of Xishuangbanna tour, for the time Gray is undoubtedly the worst. Gray did not give up again in 2007 to return to Xishuangbanna, There is a way out. Now, he met his wife Duan Lijuan in the coffee, two people fall in love. But the way is not finished, the door son-in-law in heavy rain riding Chinese production motorcycle appeared in front of mother-in-law, "I bought a raincoat, police are fake, is Songkran spilt people standing beside them." "I like Thai." Greire turned over all the people, but the power of love is great, eventually he gave himself for others in Philippines built the restaurant and bar, the end of his wandering in Xishuangbanna. "I won't think of Dali and Lijiang, I still love the tropics, here does not belong to the tourists, which belongs to the life." Settled in Xishuangbanna after 7 years, proficient in English, French, Spanish, Italian and other 7 languages Gray put his language talent hit to new heights again. He and his wife almost all through the motorcycle can reach the national minority village, Gray speaks Mandarin, Brown 5, Hani dialect is able to understand four or five, this specific function often make friends with. "Before the Sino Burmese border can also find a very primitive Akha village, a woman with a generous bare breast, now basically can not see; however, if you want to see the woman in the river Dai bath, please I drink." Gray winked at me. I drink a cup of coffee, muttering, "I think I went to put out 6."

  The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

[fixed] West put out on the cloud market

Bada is easy to form a rare tropical sea, especially in the early spring. 7 in the morning, I opened the station to sell tobacco block tile size. The Brown family and the Lisu nationality, regardless of men and women have the habit of chewing tobacco, chewing method and chewing habits similar to areca Hainan Li, in the course of time with black teeth, it is Brown and family to black beauty, rich folk habits of the Black Pearl agree without prior without previous consultation. From the village came to tobacco stand and hand embroidered piece put out over specialized craftsmen, jade is touting the tribe of Brown, a black embroidered a square color flowers, each flower full to embroider a day, 50 yuan a completely earned money is hard, but in the mountains of Brown, every time before you can sell 35 docare flower jade PA, has been regarded as a middle class life. Jade PA stalls also sell brought from Burma cigarette and Dieda ointment, and Aini people with silver inlaid herringbone cap; I'm in love with her Crossbody purple embroidered bags, the little girl shook his head, "this is my friend spent half a month of embroidered gave it to me. Then I will not sell your."

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

Soon I met this carnivorous animal opponent a veteran in battle. Near noon after the market, several Aini Wei aunt standing by the meat, selected with a white strange smelly flesh, listening to the next uncle's explanation, I the red meat to eat little or hide away, and I will hide away about the raw skin and Dai Bai the chop, and because the first odd Aini dish "granulation" compared to raw meat sashimi is a bit pale into insignificance by comparison. Aini people is probably too fresh pork is not enough nutrition, so the meat hanging in the outdoor and spawning of flies, until the meat was covered with white Qushi, with a bamboo stick on meat, white maggot like small hailstones fall directly on the pan well, girls are said to eat, can the fond gazing of a beauty rosy lips and pretty white teeth. Or, as it is a legend.

The Meng Yuan] the most environmentally friendly forest slow food

I have not guessed, when cardamom wrote this micro-blog, we have met in Xishuangbanna forest.

Life should not be deliberately reincarnation left to go, right away, she is not in anger away. The phone came her voice at the moment, I know, she has found the answer to life slow answer in Xishuangbanna.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

When I was looking for cardamom in the few days trying to find a slow life she found Dai pottery 7 slow wheel workshop at Yu Meng sister spent half an hour out of a mendicant monk lined with a small bowl. She was in Jinghong city to own a graceful Dai Tongqun custom, the peacock dress looks better than Shanghai women have slits cheongsam decorative meaning, don't know back to the red after she had the courage to wear, at least in Xishuangbanna, she has. As for the West put out her booty, not much, but the high heels throw out, bought a pair of red shoes are very comfortable, because she has to think up a soy sauce version of the rainforest hiking and I, and amazing to find the little black brother, with Xishuangbanna local martial arts rainforest wizard.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

Originally planned to 1 pm and black brother in Mengla County Meng Yuan Wonderland meet, did not expect that GPS does not mark the opening of the 4 year long Xiaomo Highway 8, leads us to the barren Road 213 Road, just 80 km road almost spent 4 hours, but through the beautiful old Keno Hill also, in the Xishuangbanna national nature protection zone core area, the size of the mine like alien seed from horse cross in the middle of the road, if the next intersection accidentally appear three meters of blue avatar, we probably can regard with equanimity.

"This is you to go shopping?" This is the little black brother to see our first sentence, he clearly saw the red shoes cardamom. "Buffalo rainforest?" Cardamom pretend to make a naive, matador attitude. In fact, the little black brother their outfits like beggars elders, he stepped the flip flops. This is probably between master and rookie distance. Soon, cardamom began to wear shoes for their acts of regret, Rainforest Adventure 9 is no joke. Not 10 minutes, black brother pointed to around 3 meters away from the bushes, "see?" "What fruit?" "Snake!" We instantly bounce eight yards. The black bamboo brother found mark was green, the tail slightly pink, like a vine in the Bush, and almost no primary rainforest respectively. There is a little black brother wound on the wrist, he said it might be the last bite of his is this green label. I said: "you can't get you out of the snake." If the coffee Gray can say that he is Xishuangbanna's cook a foreigner, black brother absolutely dare write "Xishuangbanna first name card on the chef at the rainforest". Little brother are generous, and when I still at the entrance of a rainforest cardamom sweet wild banana fruit to discuss issues when he cut the bamboo bamboo rice packed with his luggage, and fresh tilapia, mountain pig pork, bamboo shoots and cardamom love.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

We are Palulun mountain, is recorded in the Dai legend and Pattra peacock princess living along the old mysterious country, stumbling vines and root of banyan walked about 2 kilometers, gurgling brook came two huge banyan tree, for five or six people to encircle. The creek space is just settled in the old banyan arms, little brother began to get busy, here is his natural kitchen.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

We must first find the tablecloth. You must have guessed, banana leaves. Smooth large banana leaves in the rainforest is very good looking, leaves not only can be used as a table cloth, butt pad, and the production of tilapia soup should also use it to cover. Since we are going to find natural soup, soup pots, black brother off the string carpenter and bamboo section slightly rough from the side out to "crown", became the best container. There is a big banyan tree next to five fork fruit on the ground, many mature five Dillenia (we always love to call it "the crow fruit"), peeled the flesh like mangosteen, but hard shell. Cardamom is mangosteen control, rushed grabbed the fruit into his mouth, but the little black brother promptly stopped, "it is used to treat malaria." Although five fork fruit is more delicious than pitaya, shell could in Tilapia soup as fresh ingredients, but the key is, even don't bother to find a spoon, directly used in half drained flesh five Sam shell plug a sharpened bamboo big krungkao a. In order to ensure the maximum rainforest meal native state, black Colin disposable chopsticks no waist belt, the cool Dai scimitar can not only help at this time can be used to cut out the exquisite chopsticks. "Then the bowl?" Ask cardamom. My brother and black pointed to the fire is baked with the bamboo rice, twice.


The spread of mountain pork and tilapia flavor from the fire, coarse bamboo soup to start with banana leaves to bubble. At this time, the distance from the fire black brother frame time has passed for nearly two hours, the slow food looks good rain. Not to miss the avatar, because for a few professional outdoor experience for us, the big banyan tree, vines and streams consisting of the green planet is already the planet Pandora looks like a laser into the forest in the sun, feeling vaguely sci-fi.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

In fact, this nature is the best chefs, food flavor can be instantly activated since long buried drainage oil taste.

Mountain pork for 5 minutes out, 10 minutes into the tilapia skeleton, with millet pepper shoots hot, but not over 15 minutes. The most anticipated tilapia soup delicious debut, black brother skillfully to bamboo and coriander and scallion, garlic is even more. "Bad!

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

Forget the salt!" The little black brother scratched his head, when the expert also has the flaw in the plan. When the little black brother back, holding the five fork fruit soup spoon I have destroyed most of the fish soup. Salt is what Dongdong, five fork shell fish with sweet and sour taste enough good soup pot. Wait until the soup out, began to burp, black brother disappeared, soon brought back a Shandong onion like baby looks white and tender, this is the legendary banana heart. Interestingly, the banana heart like "Jing Ke Assassin" in the map as slowly rolled out, as thin as paper easily tear to eat, although there is no obvious smell, but moist cool, is the most rare dessert.

After the dinner, the entire forest can hear our unbridled laughter.

Do not know the peacock princess you hear?

The lotus, air] Parashorea forest

"Hyperion" have reason to despise the tree California 10 Parashorea chinensis, 115.2 meters tall Redwood has been written into the Guinness book of records. At a distance of 12500 km Xishuangbanna California redwoods, Shorea in the rainforest to grow, although there is a record of the highest measurement of Parashorea chinenses is only 84 meters, but this is the miracle of Xishuangbanna, also worthy of the highest China species Parashorea chinensis.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

In fact, between Shorea and should Freemasonry redwood trees, two species of trees are upright to intentnesses, thinking about soaring, the slightest bit with many twists and turns. The Dai people to the beautiful quiet forest called "Lotus elegance", the name and the same ahshima arouses pity, but also very consistent with the "Afanda" of the world artistic conception. "In fact, we very much hope that James Cameron visit day tree, if the" Afanda "sequel, there is great viewfinder." Yang Jianbo, the young people love outdoor, ecology graduate days after the tree scenic spot in front of us, the vast expanse of the rainforest, he can distinguish a dozen species.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

"Wangtian tree seeds and" Doraemon "in the bamboo dragonfly, is falling from the sky rotation." Yang Jianbo said that his greatest love "Afanda" in Jack and Pandora in nite Li rainforest air shuttle jump shot. Although there is no light at night in the park tree flowers, the height of Parashorea is far less than the described 900 feet (about 275 meters) of the giant tree, but this is the most close to the eyes of Yang Jianbo avatar world human nature.


Let Yang Jianbo is confident that the reason there is a total length of 510 meters, the air corridor, this experience is very popular in Xishuangbanna, the popularity is completely lost to Institute of Tropical Botanical Garden in the rain rain tree 11. This time can safely cardamom put on her red shoes, after another brute force snake wouldn't have reached a relative fall of 36 meters in the air corridor, that is the time tunnel set up in ten Parashorea chinenses waist. And the day before the bottom in the Meng Yuan rainforest through different, walking in the maze of corridors, tree canopy overlooking the bow can see other trees, looks like a round opening surrounded by green flowers. The air corridor is divided into 11 sections, for security reasons, each section up to accommodate five or six people, between people and people should be three or four metres apart.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

Nutmeg changed her in Jinghong to buy blue skirt of Dai, I want to give her a group of pictures "rainforest heaven" photos. The original floor windows are not looking out of the window, the plane never in her arms to the tree of heaven learned to be brave. Yang Jianbo told me that the park is very famous in the domestic new "bird" circles, has become hundred-percent bird sanctuary.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

Had a nickname big tits American grandfather "bird" in the area for 37 days, into the wood at 6 every morning, noon eat bread, and when they return to the hotel to sleep. Great tits extraordinary skill, although the older, but with 500 focal length lens and the photo is not required, hard work pays off, he not only took a dozen wild peacocks and woodpeckers, including Xishuangbanna extremely rare black throated bird and yellow bellied sunbird. And the hummingbird weighs 5-6 grams, the sun bird can easily hover in the air, taking the depths of the flower nectar, they are the spirit of Xishuangbanna.

[Menglun] stay in Rainforest Lodge

Either way, or a cat, but the two sides travel ab. From the lost to find cardamom cardamom, with trees and tree days her waist back Pandora's planet, we have experienced a day displacement 100 kilometers in Xishuangbanna. Perhaps the same Goku and find a peach garden, and the rainforest or restless old banyan tree, a quiet cat several days.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

The spring in Xishuangbanna comes very early; or that there is no winter. The moist air to the skin like putting a layer of sunscreen, do not have to worry about Beijing's haze, even in the last quarter and just a small banana bud burst under the night sky, the road behind liuyemei, also you can faintly see the whole outline of the gold moon.

Only in the air like the Caribbean Sea as moist in the sky, you can see the picture of this is not sleep, dreaming of cardamom Roseau river here, I saw the moon here, Anantara resort 12 terrace like floating over the balloon in the rainforest, responsible for placing the beautiful mood pieces, travel in such fragments are often unable to use the lens uptake only by playback.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

The hotel is very quiet, can let a person produce a wonderful illusion, illusion, it only belongs to us, quiet like Schwarzwald in Bavaria New Swan Stone Castle. The hotel only half the height of the wall, and probably not willing to invite outside the plantation thinning; the other side simply do not fence, the Roseau river is a natural river entrance, will jump in Menglun Dai dance, draw a very beautiful u Bay, the bay here is the Anantara hotel.


That is the only 5A level scenic spots in Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden adjacent to the Chinese Academy of sciences. Because of this, did not hesitate to choose the Riverview Room with terrace.

 The beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna

In the summer insects hear light sounding places in the twelfth lunar month only about Hainan and Xishuangbanna. The balcony has become our concert and enjoy nature VIP seats, the human senses can hear the heartbeat sound in place across the board can easily be activated: River shallow and Grand Rapids, and small insects underwater actually in the concentrated ensemble; thin moonlight, across the river on the edge of the rainforest fireflies in the glimmering, over 100 meters can capture, this is not my exaggeration to imagine. A night without a cigarette, always feel faint smoke jumping, floated across the night after it untraceable Ylang Ylang, Xishuangbanna really is not alone, hearing and smell like fragrance and as separate layers, do not want to sleep.

The Mekong River became the main hotel in a gilded signboard, Dai Flavor Restaurant, called the restaurant.

We are almost in the "karma in Luo Nanmi" acid fragrance woke up, this sounds like "Prajna paramita" formula of the name, is a classic Dai sauce. "Galiluo" refers to areca green, "Nan Mi" refers to the sauce with fresh fruit, usually with a variety of ingredients in stone in paste after Chung chung. Yunnan local delicacy, live flowers less ingredients, rarely fried stew leavened by complex martial arts, is often the last to make the flesh with the mouth. The hotel of the French chef Jonathan was working in Chongqing, to Xishuangbanna, the taste also became hot and sour spicy switching from. He and the coffee for the boss like Gray traveled to remote copycat, tasted Gono Mitsumi, this meal he we carefully cooking beef jerky, mushrooms, cabbage and burning Galiluo roast tilapia, eat really a tropical rainforest. Jonathan let me evaluate his dishes, said: "I can make Champs Elysees taste of French chef, as the taste of Xishuangbanna, maybe you're the only one." That night, I said to the balcony in the cardamom The sky was covered with stars.: "think a lot of girls went to Champs Elysees, in Xishuangbanna, you're the only one. You are the only one." Xishuangbanna to love, it never needs a rest.


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