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Jiuzhaigou jade scenery flow sense

Published: August 5, 2014 Views: 39780

The colorful colored sea visual impact

 Color colored sea

Colored sea really is the best embodiment of Jiuzhaigou fairy tale, mountain vegetation with colored sea riotous with colour the brilliant colors, the eyes of my time is full of exaggerated color impact.

 Colorful waterfall

Leave the colored sea, continue to move forward, Jiuzhaigou scenery let me shoot without a moment's pause.

The shock of hearing great in strength and impetus NuoRiLang waterfall.

 Hyun Lang falls on Meinuo

Have not seen, had heard sound the sound of the valley NuoRiLang waterfall. From the Nobel day to Lang Qunhai flow, such as the Milky Way feixie, jumping drizzly mist. Although it is standing on the distant view of the falls, the magnificent, waterfall deafening sound magnified.

Relive the beauty of infinite aftertaste pleasant

 Beautiful Jiuzhaigou   

After a beautiful trip to Jiuzhaigou to finish, I was a strange postcard beauty deep down. Although the journey is always short, but indulge in the beautiful landscape and wonderful memories are forever fixed.


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