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Quietly tell you the Potala Palace shooting skills

Published: August 1, 2014 Views: 38033

Because Potala Palace sits, no matter on the afternoon, side light. Especially in the summer, the sun north, 10 o'clock in the morning before and after 5 pm, almost the edge of the building outline light, the Potala Palace is full of positive shadow, so, the summer Potala Palace is the best in the afternoon 4 point -5. In the spring and autumn and winter sun south, Potala Palace positive light, is the best season to shoot.

Take the position of Potala Palace:

 Quietly tell you the Potala Palace shooting skills

The water in Potala Palace

1. front square, in the Eastern Plaza Cultural Palace of the pool, with water and willow as foreground shot Potala Palace, suitable for wide-angle lens lens. There is a lake in front of the Potala Palace, here to shoot Potala Palace reflection, 10 o'clock, the sun has lit up the Potala Palace, in the light of the sun, here is very colorful.

Special note: can prepare a polarizer, which can filter out the reflective surface.

 Quietly tell you the Potala Palace shooting skills

Potala Palace dawn

2. Square West Chakpori yaowangshan mountain, because now the Tibet TV station, has been closed around, can't shoot a high mountain, only in the Square Street on the tower. This point can also be in early 7 (summer) before the sun is not out when the shooting background is the images of the Potala Palace, this time to pay attention to control exposure generally increased according to the sky after a light cloud background to a semi exposure. You can take photos of the autumn and winter low angle sunlight sooner or later is red and gold like Potala Palace.

Special note: the great Tibetan Plateau temperature difference between morning and evening, must be ready for clothing and food.

 Quietly tell you the Potala Palace shooting skills

Longwangtan bless

3. in the Potala Palace on the back to longwangtan prospects for the shooting, and shooting here for the morning morning.

 Quietly tell you the Potala Palace shooting skills

be surrounded by hills

4. Lhasa East, over Tibet highway bridge frame on the Lhasa River to the right 2-3 kilometers, on the hillside to shoot Potala Palace is surrounded by mountains of the prospect of buda.

Special note: here is suitable for long shot.

 Quietly tell you the Potala Palace shooting skills

Under the sunset of Potala Palace

5. sunset afterglow slowly spread the quilt of Potala Palace, the Potala Palace white walls gradually darken, until completely into the night. Shoot at this time you can use a red filter, so that it can better highlight the glow of the crimson color.

Special note: aperture priority, with more than F11; the spot, at the position of the sun next to test, and then lock the exposure.

 Quietly tell you the Potala Palace shooting skills

Potala Palace night

It was very late here in the summer of 6., but the night shooting is very enjoy, all around is very quiet, you can slowly groping, not interrupted. You can choose a slow shutter, which can show water flow path.

Special note: the night of the shooting to prepare a flashlight, convenient for the operation of the camera



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