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Qinghai Lake is embedded in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau Sapphire

Published: August 1, 2014 Views: 37177


Blue sky of Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake, also known as "Kokonor," Mongolian "green sea" of Italy, said Tibetan "wrong temperature cloth", the water sources rely mainly on surface runoff and precipitation recharge into the lake lake, the river has more than 40, mainly in the Buha River, Bago River, Ulan Daotanghe etc.. The lake's natural landscape mainly in Qinghai Lake, bird island, mountains, sand island, three stone, Jiro sword etc..

Qinghai Lake, called "West Sea", also known as the "fresh water" or "fresh sea", because the Qinghai Lake area belongs to the earlier British Wo Qiang pasture, so called "British Wo Qiang sea", the Han Dynasty was also called "the sea". Only from the Northern Wei Dynasty renamed Qinghai".

Qinghai Lake is located in the northeast of the lake is surrounded by towering mountains surrounded, the north is Chong Hong magnificent Datong, the East is the towering majestic mountain, the south is stretching the Qinghai Nanshan, the west is the towering mountain towering rubber. The eastern shore has two sub lake, a Gahai, Department of water, another ear sea, fresh water.


Rape flowers

Qinghai Lake is surrounded by vast grasslands, Lake open flat terrain, abundant water, mild climate, is a lush natural pastures, grasslands in summer and autumn, green bacteria such as blankets, golden rape, nomad tents, flocks of sheep, full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting is very refreshing.


Stunning beauty

In the Chinese National Geographic Society "Chinese the most beautiful place" selection activities, the Qinghai Lake was named "the most beautiful Chinese five Great Lakes" for the first time. "In the selection, the Qinghai Lake and the Xinjiang Lake Kanas in the end be roughly the same, forceful magnificent and unique scenery to win the favor of the judges

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