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Domestic travel notes

In order to enhance the safety awareness of tourists, popularize basic knowledge of tourism safety, so that visitors to participate in tourism activities plan can be successful, happy, successful completion, the company formulated travel safety, please carefully read and abide by.

Take the goods ready, we set the mood,

One, pay attention to basic matters

One Please be sure to bring tourists, travel goods, personal ID card, arrive at the appointed venue on time, and the chest to wear good constitution tours, so as to guide the identification.

Two And during the trip, tourists should obey the tour arrangements, remember on the time and place, recognize their own on the car, license plate number and color, do not be late (due to late unable to travel with the group the consequences); during the trip, tourists who leave the group, responsible for any problems.

Three And travel, tourists should according to their own physical condition to carry some essential medicines (such as cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, motion sickness medicine etc.), according to the weather changes for clothes and umbrella. In order to prevent the occurrence of fire accidents, do not carry inflammable and explosive goods do not throw cigarette butts and fire.

Four And during the trip, please take good care of their children, can not let the children alone and Caution!, because each scenic spot is numerous, please take care of the belongings.

Five During the tour, visitors should choose or free activities, they can control the risk events. In addition to the special team, the company does not arrange car racing, horse racing, rock climbing, glide, adventure of rafting, diving, alpine skiing, skateboarding, skydiving, bungee jumping, hot air balloon, surfing and other high risk activities, please tourists try not to participate in such activities, such as tourists adhere to your own risk.

Six And travel, in case of natural disasters, war, terrorism, riots, strikes, riots, public health emergencies, government behavior such as force majeure, resulting in travel and activities have security concerns, according to the actual situation of the company has the right to change the itinerary and activities, please tourists do not agree to ensure safety due to the increase of retention during; accommodation fees travel expenses, shall be reasonably shared by both sides.

Seven Golden week, or the other during the tourist season, the number of domestic and international flights and charter flights increased overtime, extremely easy to cause flight delays, and if so, please wait in the lounge of patience, pay close attention to flight information, do not run around, so as to avoid the machine. At the same time, due to airline transport capacity and other factors may temporarily adjust the flight, if this happens, the company will make a corresponding adjustment to the travel itinerary, then please visitors with understanding.

Eight Golden week, or the other during the tourist season, the tourists attractions, are waiting to visit, please understand and cooperate, wait patiently, complete run.

Nine Visitors should abide by the laws and regulations, Chinese, respect for ethnic and folk habits of local residents travel route area.

Ten And before the trip, the company will give each visitor distribute a "trip", which has the specific itinerary, travel guides and travel name, contact information and other hotel. Travel activities, airlines, car companies, hotels, catering and other units involved in the service work, is in the actual travel arrangements and travel arrangements "and" conflict, the company will not deprive or reduce the tourists enjoy standards and treatment, please tourists travel arrangements for adjustment to meet and understand.

Two, transportation safety
One Tourists, transportation (including aircraft, automobile, ship, train, subway and tour scenic cableway, sightseeing cars, yachts, hereinafter referred to as transport) in a moving way, if a traffic accident occurs, should obey the arrangement and command of the tour, do not panic; injuries occurred when the tourists we should try to rescue or self rescue, protect the scene at the same time, to avoid further loss.

Two Tourists ride, traffic tools, should fasten the safety belt, the vehicle stopped before leaving; on transport, must wait in line, polite, and give priority to care for the elderly, children, women, not crowded, so as to avoid accidents.

Three Tourists ride, transport, please don't talk to the driver and the driver to drive fast, not the head, hands, feet or luggage out of the window, to prevent the accident; not to throw waste outside the window (Miscellaneous) items, especially for hard goods, so as not to hurt others.   

Four The tourists get off, sightseeing, dining, shopping, please close the window and travel carry valuables, if the valuables lost or stolen, the car company is not responsible for, nor assume the responsibility of the company.

Five Tourists, the airplane, should carry a valid identity card (children should take account of the original, at least Sixteen Visitors must hold the original old police station that did not apply for identity cards), and take care of; distribute tickets or boarding guides, tourists should pay attention to the name on the ticket or boarding, round-trip time of arrival and departure, destination, flight number is correct, if tourists can check-in failures caused by the tourists or the airport ticket system. The company is not liable for compensation, but should assist tourists with.

Six Tourists, the airplane, should adhere to the civil aviation flight safety management regulations, a baggage per person (20 Kg. ) Please limit, if more than tourists pay overweight; visitors to carry liquids on board will be prohibited, such as insisted on taking a small amount of liquid on the machine, you must open the bottle check, to avoid security trouble, please visitors will be brought to the liquid.
Seven Tourists, the airplane, should pay attention to the safety of flight, buckle the safety belt, without danger or flammable, not in aircraft movements during the use of hand-held mobile phones, mobile computer and other related electronic products.

Eight A speed boat, drifting raft, and in water activities, please according to the provisions of wearing life jackets, and follow the guidance of the staff. Speedboat play, all visitors please hold the handrail, young or elderly please do not sit the bow, in order to avoid unexpected.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, we are concerned about your lodging

Three Accommodation, safety
One And after arriving at the hotel, visitors should follow the guide arrangement; to the two room hotel accommodation, free combination principle, please use the room courtesy health facilities, appliances and equipment; such as a single man or woman, the company will replace the couple with real or adjusted to three rooms; accompanying children Twelve Over the age to bed, please forgive. If the visitors specify a single room, please pay to travel before the single room balance and get confirmation of the company, in order to avoid travel disputes.

Two Tourists, Check Inn Hotel, the hotel should be aware of safety, familiar with the Taiping gate, the way out for the safety and safety of the staircase of the hotel location and safe transfer route.

Three And after entering the room, please understand the situation of equipment in the room, such as door latch, bathroom faucet switch, TV and refrigerator drinks, if not used or defect, please promptly report it to the tour guide, please check out ahead of the settlement room provided by the beverage, food, washing and long-distance telephone charges.
And don't take their hotel room number, just tell a stranger , Don't let strangers or claiming hotel maintenance personnel enter rooms , Out of room to lock the door, pay attention to the real windows and doors are closed before you go to bed, insurance locks; the valuables please put the hotel safe, take good care of receipt; such as carry, please take care of, if the stolen consequences.

Five Check Inn Hotel, tourists need to go out, should inform the tour guide and write down their mobile phone number, before going out to the hotel desk to receive a hotel room card, if the tourists lost, according to the real phone number and address card prompt safe and smooth return to the hotel.

Six As tourists choose consumption complementary Hotel Fitness and entertainment facilities (such as swimming pool, gym, etc.), please be sure to pay attention to the safety of person and property; the company planned, this company is only limited to remind obligations.

Seven In case of emergency, please do not panic: the fire do not take the elevator or random jump, should calm judgment of fire, actively carry out self-help; if the body on fire, you can roll over on the ground, or by heavy clothing pressure flames; must pass through the smoke corridor, the channel, with the wet clothes wrapped body, clutching his nose and mouth close to the ground, and crawling along the wall; fire door cannot escape, can be used wet clothes wrapped body, bedding or water cooling method for blocking the door waiting for rescue, or shake the bright colors of clothing calls for rescue workers.
Four Diet, health and safety issues
One And travel, tourists should pay attention to health, do not eat raw food, raw seafood, unpeeled fruit, do not patronize unlicensed roadside stalls, avoid overeating, should drink boiling water, eat more fruits and vegetables, less smoking, less drinking.

Two Need to pay attention to the quality of goods, buy food in the tourist destination, do not buy " Three " (no manufacturer, date of production, manufacturers address) goods, food or health found the existence of strange metamorphic conditions, do not eat.
Three Do not accept strangers gift and eating cigarettes, food and drink freely, prevent others.

Four In order to prevent the journey, visitors should bring some The climate does not suit one., commonly used drugs to take others to provide possible period of want or need, not drugs.

Five, visit the view for security matters
One To listen to the local tour guide, the safety tips and advice, should prevent the occurrence of accidents and sudden illness.

Two After the danger area (such as steep, narrow, wet and slippery road pan etc.) can not be crowded, dangerous to tourist attractions should be fully taken into consideration when the condition is feasible, and don't take any chances; participate in the mountaineering activities, should pay attention to rest, avoid excessive exercise, also do protection work.

Three And in the water (including rivers, lakes, reservoirs) or tour activities, visitors must pay attention to ship safety, should wear a life jacket, not alone to deep waters or dangerous river; choose to swim underwater, because carrying rescue equipment to help.

Four Altitude Three thousand Meters above the plateau area, low air pressure, air with low oxygen content, easily lead to human hypoxia, causing adverse reactions of plateau, please avoid strenuous exercise and emotional excitement, the bath water is not easy to overheat, learn proper breathing method. Sixteen The age and Sixty Years old, suffering from anemia, diabetes, chronic lung disease, severe cardiovascular disease, mental disease and pregnant women should not enter the plateau tourism.

Five And hot springs, visitors should pay attention to water temperature and mineral content is suitable for their body, some diseases should not be a spa, please follow the doctor's advice.

Six Take a cable car, or other sightseeing vehicles, scenic staff should obey the arrangement, in case of overload, overcrowding or other abnormal conditions, do not take, to prevent the occurrence of danger.

Seven In the scenic sightseeing, please follow the guide arrangement, do not leave, if lost, in principle, should wait for the arrival of tour guide or call for help, help, do not worry.

Eight Free during the event, should pay attention to personal safety, remember all the tour guide reminded attention as well as the area of various notice and warning signs; in the photograph, tourists do not focus on the beauty of the eyes, while ignoring the risk side or at the foot of the.

Six, shopping and entertainment security matters
One Do not believe, the sales staff recommended goods flow.

Two No, when buying, do not ask the price or offer to businesses.

Three As a salesman, do not go to remote places or shopping.

Four When shopping, be careful to identify the authenticity of goods and to businesses to obtain a formal invoice.

Five In crowded places, shopping or entertainment, should take good care of your wallet, handbag, valuables and their own documents.

Six In the scenic area, entertainment, should according to their own conditions to adapt to the participation project; in the free event out of entertainment, do not act alone, do not go to places of entertainment management.

I wish you a pleasant trip, satisfied, looking forward to the next meeting with you

Seven, team cooperation and coordination

One Visitors tour, please do not be late, punctual, respect all the time.

Two Please hang, group identification card in the chest, and a member of the tour guides to facilitate mutual identification, enhance friendship.

Three Group travel, should be tolerant with each other, mutual help, mutual pull together in times of trouble, enjoy the fun of traveling.

Four As a bad place, tourists in the trip, please timely communication and guide, and not the local tour guide and related service personnel directly conflict, the company and the tour guide will be resolved through consultation with local travel agencies, visitors can also directly call the relevant staff of the company to seek help.

<strong> Eight,</strong> <strong> warm reminder</strong>

One In order to ensure smooth travel tours, to prevent the occurrence of accident injuries during the trip, please make a necessary physical examination before the trip, such as the existence of the health problems of patients, do not register, such as hide offered accident responsibility:

( One Infectious disease patients) such as infectious hepatitis, active tuberculosis, typhoid and other infectious patients;

( Two ) in patients with cardiovascular disease, such as hypertension, severe heart function insufficiency, myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction patients;

( Three ) in patients with cerebral vascular disease, such as cerebral embolism, cerebral hemorrhage, brain tumor patients;

( Four ) of patients with respiratory diseases, such as emphysema, pulmonary heart disease patients;

( Five ) psychiatric patients, such as epilepsy and various psychiatric patients;

( Six ) in patients with severe anemia, such as hemoglobin level Fifty gram / The following up patients;

( Seven Large and medium sized) surgery patients in recovery period;

( Eight Pregnant women and the disabled).

Two Patients with infectious diseases, mental illness such as endangering the health and safety of other tourists, the person or legal guardians shall be liable for compensation.

Nine, Disclaimer

One And because the third party infringement and other reasons not attributable to the company caused personal and property damage to the interests of tourists, the company shall not be liable for compensation. But because the company does not fulfill its obligations to help visitors personal and property rights of losses, the company shall be liable for compensation as to the enlarged losses.

Two Visitors, arrange their own activities during personal and property rights and interests are infringed, the company have done the necessary warning beforehand and afterwards done to explain the obligations necessary assistance obligations, the company shall not be liable for compensation.

Three And in the process of tourism, aviation, ship, railway operators lost, damaged tourist baggage, tourists shall pay compensation to the operator that the travel agency to perform its obligation. Laws and regulations have restrictions on the liability of aviation, ships, railway operators, tourists shall have their luggage loss more than the limit of liability, claims to the travel agency.

Ten, conclusion

Tourism security is a top priority of tourism activities, improve the safety of domestic tourism is the common aspiration and responsibility of the company and all the tourists. Dear visitors, for the happiness of you and others, please pay attention to travel safety!

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