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The common problems of Tourism

Pure play is what mean?

Some tours will in some shopping consumption in travel, tourism line means pure play into the shop.

The only difference is what?

Because in the process of tourism accommodation is generally standard rooms, two beds, if your number of trips (adult) is odd, there may be a need to make another bed fee. You can also choose to accept with other people together, when unable to fight and then fill the single variance.

Double flying, what does that mean?

This is the common language of tourism, refers to transportation are flying aircraft, twin refers to transportation is train. So there is also a solo single horizontal sort of argument.

Separate groups can be?

Usually you travel in the number of cases, such as corporate travel, can choose to separate groups (i.e., not with other tourists fight groups). Please call customer service consulting.

Can I use my credit card?

The travel agency does not provide credit card payment, you can visit for cash.

Can the car payment?

Some of the surrounding tourist routes can get on the payment, please consult customer service commissioner, outbound tourism, domestic long-term implementation of prepaid group.

How to pay online?

You can make online payment through Alipay, please call customer service consulting.

How to open the invoice?

Please contact customer service or travel reception personnel to determine the contents of invoice and look up. The invoice will travel back within a week to send to the address you provided in your.

Need to sign the travel contract?

I offer a formal travel contract, please make your reservation with the travel contract signed. General line and exit line travel contract before payment, tourism can sign up in online payment.

Shop address where?

Please click" Contact us "View

Fax can sign the contract?

The travel agency can provide fax contract service, please contact customer service for details.

Can not sign the contract?

In order to protect your rights, we recommend that you sign a formal travel contract.

What materials need to be prepared?

In the outbound tourism line on the page have visa materials needed to link, such as the French team tourist visa (staff). Please see the related web pages.

Certificate of deposit is what?

Certificate of deposit is that depositors in a bank fund. You must first deposit of at least 50 thousand yuan in a bank, if other currencies, equivalent to RMB 50 thousand yuan. Please note, after must be regularly deposited and freeze to return; financial products is not equivalent to the deposit that cannot replace. After the freeze on certificates of deposit must participate in the team of the visa applicant's trip home date, the deposit will automatically thaw the freeze.

Bid for the visa, what are the requirements for the passport?

The bid for foreign visas must have a valid passport or other valid travel documents in lieu of passport etc.. Valid passport must be longer than the general requirements of the visa validity period of stay, some require a passport valid for at least six months or more, or do not accept visa applications.

The applicant has not exit visa expired, how to do?

The applicant to obtain a visa, should pay close attention to the departure procedures within the valid period of the visa. If due to special reasons can not arrive at the destination within the validity period of the visa, should have the relevant materials to foreign embassies and consulates in China to apply for a visa. And to apply and he had to sign Never mind, may still have rejected.

Embassy refused to issue a visa to do?

The visa is a national sovereignty within the framework of the transaction, the sovereign state has the right to decide whether to give the citizens of other countries issued their own visa, and without justification. Therefore, foreign citizens apply for visa is normal. The visa officer and noisy, entanglement or conflict will not help solve the problem. We should calmly to the visa authorities to understand the reason, explain the situation as soon as possible to complete the required materials, bid again.

Refused visa fee will be refunded?

General visa application is accepted, whether eventually signed, visa fees are not refundable. The visa fees for audit visa materials payment acceptance fee, all countries decide how to collect the visa fee. Usually, countries determine fees according to the principle of reciprocity.

Apply for a visa at the consulate refused, whether to re apply for the Embassy?

The applicant to apply for a visa in the Consulate Area after being refused, the embassy is generally no longer accepted the application.

What is the interview to sign off? Generally need how long?

The Embassy in individual provisions, organized by the travel team tourists after returning to the consulate to apply for a visa interview to sign off; that was the program back on time.

Specify the interview to sign off: some countries are in the process of applying for visa take sign, designate one person. Some countries are all sent to the team after returning home, passport and consular after a specified person.

Interview time: by the Embassy of the specified.

Travel insurance? The sum of the number?

Some of the products on the site by sending travel insurance, in the product introduction page can check whether a gift, if the display or indicate the free insurance "includes the cost of project," said free insurance. If you wish to choose and buy separately to other types of insurance, customer service consulting.

Can provide the policy?


Refund policy, tuituan

If you submit orders to modify or cancel the order, please contact with our customer service specialist. Once the payment orders after the success of any change or cancellation, we shall cancel the contract and refund. For personal reasons, modify or cancel the order and refund the relevant production fee, please the guests themselves (including interbank transfer fee, Alipay deduct fees etc.).

Can you play off group?

Domestic tour groups for your personal reasons, the costs are not refunded; the majority of foreign tourist routes to prohibit off group, part of the line to allow from the Corporation, required to pay in advance from the tour.

How to do an emergency?

During the trip, please contact the tour immediately.

The journey became ill?

The journey is ill, it is difficult to get timely and in place of the treatment, we recommend that you take some treatment of colds, diarrhea, vomiting stop motion sickness pills. The severity of the case, please contact the local hospital or call 120 immediately.

Outside the need of medical assistance, you can contact the local person in charge of the reception, call the local emergency telephone, or contact China embassy.

For older passengers must prepare daily medication and first-aid medicine before going abroad; over 70 years old, before going abroad, the best body check system comprehensively, in order to reduce the probability of illness when traveling abroad.

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