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The United States tourist taxi driver Deng Mingzhao was awarded the honorary title of hero

"Happy Deqing" township performances held in Wukang Qiangiu square, winning several awards in the folk party for the award, the provincial civilization office and the county Party leadership and awards for the winners. The ceremony Zhejiang Meidu Travel Co. Ltd. Zhejiang taxi ET8163 The driver Deng Mingzhao was awarded the honorary title of hero.

Love to send test again

2014 Six month Seven Once a year, the college entrance examination again kicked off, the United States of "respecting Yongjun." the team love to send test car will start again.

On the morning of the day Six The United States, "for four vehicles to support the military team sent to test the car on time set in the county transportation authority and other vehicles, stick the love to send test marks, all vehicles are sent to test the clean sweep. Zhejiang ET8313 The master Zhu Tinghao has participated in four consecutive years, love to send test activities. "When driving safety first, to steady, sometimes to placate the candidates nervous mood", Zhu master and other driver sent to test the exchange of experience, Zhu Shifu also said, can use their own occupation advantages, provide a little help for the majority of candidates is a very meaningful thing. ?

During the event, the United States of "respecting Yongjun." the team drivers will be sent to test for candidates for one to one point of service, to ensure that candidates can timely and safe to participate in college entrance examination. I hope that more and more friends of the driver can join the team to make love to send test has become a brand of Deqing city spiritual civilization construction!

The folk condolence mission to Huzhou Yong Jun


The cold wind did not stop military. One month Thirty Early in the morning, composed of Qian Liling, Wang Yimin and other national Yongjun model and beauty team of Deqing County folk Yongjun Yongjun condolences a delegation of more than twenty people, with six vehicles a total of more than 200 boxes of food and fruit in the lake has come to the special purchases for the Spring Festival. 730** Units directly under the team, retired cadres condolences soldiers and retired soldiers. This is my county Yongjun delegations went to Huzhou for the first time in Lake condolences troops.

In the units directly under the team, the soldiers lined up to welcome the arrival of condolences, and took one hand from the special purchases for the Spring Festival Yongjun model, a happy smile. Deqing County Taxi Management Institute deputy director Shao Yagang said, Nian soldiers can not go home, still stick to their posts, so Yong Jun delegations brought some special purchases for the Spring Festival: "I wish to express the mind relatives army happy new year!" "We feel very warm, we are particularly happy." The troops 09 Team instructor Eru on behalf of the troops to express gratitude.

The military retired cadres retired soldiers have been struggling in the Anti Japanese front veteran, retired cadres director thank you for victory in the Anti Japanese War Seventy Still remember the anniversary of this group of old soldiers. Qian Liling said the army to support the military model, such as the the Great Wall, the people behind it, is to express condolences Yongjun people thanks to the people's army, also can let more people to join the team, concerned about the cause of national defense military, "we will come back to Huzhou to visit and retired military officers."

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