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0571 - 88324830 <i class="red"> dollars for the Department</i>

<i class="red"> Ground of</i> 0571 - 88990205

<i class="red"> Tour Department, individual department</i> from 0571 to 88324830

<i class="red"> The phone number</i> is 18958059070; 18958059076

<i class="red"> Fax</i> 0571 - 88990776

The United States ground

Zhejiang Meidu Travel Service

The United States tour group

The United States travel agency belongs to Zhejiang America Holdings Group Limited by Share Ltd founded in 1998 with the franchise organizations, domestic tourism, conference and so on and go out to visit the business for several consecutive years was named "Zhejiang province public satisfaction with the integrity of the travel company" and "Zhejiang province holiday travel service units outstanding company with" sincere, trustworthy, truth-seeking, high-quality the service tenet of "cordially welcome the colleagues to work together to jointly create tourism... With "

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