20th Anniversary Photography Contest
In 2023, Kanto-PPC Group celebrated its 20th anniversary and the completion of the new building with a photography contest. Through various camera angles, we created memories belonging to "Kanto-PPC," allowing all employees to share this joy and celebrate this moment.
Family Day Event
On August 12, 2023, Kanto-PPC held its 20th anniversary event. In the morning, the group organized a family day for employees, allowing their families to understand the work environment and interact with other colleagues' families and children, enhancing friendship.
Highlights of the Recruitment at Chung Hsing Campus
The much-anticipated additional event was finally held. This time, we went to the College of Science and Engineering at Chung Hsing University. Despite the very hot weather, the students were very enthusiastic, and seeing many students carrying Kanto-PPC bags gave us a great sense of accomplishment.
Products and Services
"Creating a happier and more fulfilling life for humanity with technology"
Chairman of Kanto-PPC Technology Lu Chih-Peng (Jerry)
About Us
We are committed to providing high-purity electronic chemicals for the processes of semiconductor and optoelectronic related industries
Kanto-PPC Technology Co., Ltd. (KANTO-PPC Inc.) was formerly known as PPC Technology Co., Ltd. (PPC), established in June 2003. In January 2004, it officially joined the global sales system of the electronic chemical division of Kanto Chemical Co., Inc. of Japan. In order to cope with the trend of globalization and the sustainable operation of the company, to provide customers with more advanced products and more comprehensive services, the company specially strengthened its shareholder structure, and officially became a subsidiary of Kanto Chemical in January 2012, and changed its name to "Kanto-PPC Technology Co., Ltd." (KANTO-PPC Inc.).
About Us
Corporate Sustainability
Upholding the core values of "empathy, integrity, and honesty"
Kanto-PPC Group upholds the core values of "empathy, integrity, and honesty", and hopes to build a bridge of communication and interaction with all stakeholders through honest and transparent information disclosure, turn the concept of sustainable management into action, and continue to implement the positive concept of coexistence and co-prosperity, while responding to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs), in order to build a common good society, because only common good can be sustainable.
Social participation beneficiaries
Average learning and development hours per employee
Group carbon reduction
Solar power generation
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At Kanto-PPC, we create a diverse environment, support members' daily work with diverse perspectives, innovative ideas and unique strengths
Salary and Benefits
You are committed to using your expertise to help us be the best partner for our customers, and we are committed to making you feel valued and worry-free.
Work Culture
Be generous with yourself, don't hide your creativity, strengths and qualities.
Development and Training
Desire for success and personal development, you can find professional training and resources to create change here