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  Fan impeller balancing machine

  Universal balancing machine


  Computer electrical measuring box


  Hard bearing balancing machine electronic measuring instrument


  Friction and wear tester


  Heavy duty balancing machine


  Automobile industry


  Special balancing machine


  Rotating machinery vibration

  Various Rotor balancing technology

Zhangjiakou Xuanhua Beilun Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, and was converted into a limited liability company in 2001.

Our company now has a complete set of mechanical processing capabilities, complete electrical assembly and assembly capabilities.

Strong ability of new product development and design


We are good at measuring low speed dynamic balancing of large rotors, especially when rotor balancing is less than 100 rotten per minute.

We have solved it. Measurement error of piezoelectric sensor and speed sensor The problem.

Our electric measuring system can carry out the dynamic balance measurement of 20 to 100 thousand turns per minute. ( HP-15 computer automatic measuring machine for hard bearing balancing machine )

Therefore, we can also carry out high-speed dynamic balance measurement, and our electric measuring system can measure the vector influence coefficient. BL-15v universal computer for balance machine )

8 measuring vector influence coefficients can be displayed. This shows whether the operating environment of the rotor is in line with the linear working condition.

Most of the series of friction and wear testing machines are equipped with computer measurement and control devices.

The measurement, recording, control and data post-processing of the test process can be completed.



Twenty Ton balancer

Working diameter is 4 meters.



RYQ -5 High precision balancing machine with soft support and soft support




Fan impeller balancing machine series

Universal universal joint balancing machine

Universal belt drive balancing machine

Special balancing machine for automobile industry

Hard bearing digital display meter

Hard bearing computer measuring instrument

YYW-16000A dynamic balancing machine  

Working diameter is 7 meters.

Working speed range: 60-1000rpm

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