Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site

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Tao House
Tao House (9242981442).jpg
Tao House in summer
Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site is located in California
Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site
Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site is located in the US
Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site
位置Kuss Road,Danville, California
协调37°49′28″N 122°1′47″W / 37.82444°N 122.02972°W /37.82444; -122.02972协调37°49′28″N 122°1′47″W / 37.82444°N 122.02972°W /37.82444; -122.02972
区域158.6 acres (64.2 ha)
建筑师Frederick Confer
建筑 风格蒙特雷殖民地
 参考 # nrhp七千一百万零一百三十七[ 1 ]
加上国家史迹名录1971年5月6日[ 1 ]
指定 NHL1971年7月17日[ 2 ]
指定 NHS1976年10月12日



Eugene O'Neill had won the诺贝尔文学奖in 1936, and used the prize money to build what he named Tao House above Danville.[3]O'Neill and his wife lived in the home from 1937 to 1944.[4]By the time he moved here, O'Neill had already lived in over 35 places, but he called this secluded house his "final home and harbor".[5]At this home, O'Neill wrote his final plays:急冻奇侠Long Day's Journey Into NightHughie, and月照不幸人[3]Due to a degenerative condition in his hand, he was unable to complete another play after 1943.[6]

O'Neill's study in Tao House, where he wrote many of his last works

O'Neill and his wife, actress Carlotta Monterey, showed their interest in Asian art, decor, and thought in preparing the home.[3]The two personally designed the two-story, three-bedroom home from the ground up.[5]The ceilings were dark blue to mimic the sky with dark wood floors representing the earth, as well asNohmasks,Chinese guardian statues, and Chinese lacquerware furnishings throughout the interior.[7]Outside, Carlotta installed a garden in a zigzag pattern which Chinese tradition indicated would keep away evil spirits.[8]They also planted several trees, including pine, almond, and redwood.[7]The O'Neills moved to Boston afterWorld War II[9]

The house was saved from demolition in the early 1970s. Several women formed the Eugene O’Neill Foundation, including president Darlene Blair and executive vice president Lois Sizoo, in order to raise money to buy Tao House, which had been named a National Landmark in 1971.[10]They did so through several fundraising projects, including benefit performances of Eugene O’Neill's playHughiefeaturingJason RobardsThrough their efforts, Tao House was declared a国家历史地标1971,[ 2 ]国家历史遗址1976、进入的管理国家公园的服务1980。




国家公园的服务不公布财产的地址,但众所周知,它位于库斯路丹维尔。一个锁着的门可以防止未经授权的车辆到达现场。该遗址占地13英亩(5.3 HA)可以通过车只有私人道路,所以需要提前预订参观。私家车是不允许的。运输到现场的每日两次免费班车从丹维尔在周三到周日上午10点,中午和下午2点在周六提供。保留除周六当旅行是自我指导的要求。[ 11 ]




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