Computer application system

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It is usually made by a computer hardware system systems software Application software. The basic computer hardware system consists of Arithmetic unit And controller storage , peripheral interface and Peripherals form. systems software Including the operating system Compiler Database management system , various high-level languages, etc. The application software consists of Support software And a variety of application software packages
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Computer application system
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computer application systems
hardware system systems software Application software
Theories, methods, techniques and systems in various fields

Computer application system brief introduction

computer application systems

Computer application system Research direction

The research on the theory, method, technology and system of computer application in various fields is an interdisciplinary subject combining computer science with other disciplines Computer science Components of. Computer applications are divided into numerical calculation and Non numerical applications Two areas. Non numerical applications It also includes data processing Knowledge processing, such as information systems, factory automation Office automation Home automation, expert system, pattern recognition, machine translation and other fields. [1]  

Computer application system Analysis and design

The analysis and design of computer application system is a common problem to be solved in computer application research. Application system analysis is to systematically investigate and analyze the characteristics and requirements of application environment, establish mathematical models, describe them in a certain standardized form, and form the technical design requirements of computer application system. application system design Including system configuration design System performance evaluation , application software overall design As well as other engineering designs, which are finally provided to users in the form of system products. [1]  

Computer application system application area

The application of computer has penetrated into the broad fields of science, technology and society. According to the form of information processing of its application problems, it can be roughly divided into: ① scientific computing. Numerical solutions of various mathematical problems are obtained. data processing Data are collected and recorded by computer, and new information forms are produced after processing. It mainly includes data collection, conversion, grouping, organization, calculation, sorting storage , search, etc. ③ Knowledge processing. To acquire or use knowledge by computer. The application of computer has penetrated into almost every field of society. The following are some important aspects: ① computer aided design, manufacturing and testing (CAD / CAM / cat). Computer aided engineering design, product manufacturing performance testing ② Office automation: use computer to deal with all kinds of business and business; process data report files; carry out statistics, analysis and auxiliary decision-making of all kinds of office business. ③ Economic management: national economic management, corporate economic information management, planning and planning, analysis, statistics, forecasting, decision-making; material, financial, labor and personnel management. information retrieval Information retrieval automation of books and materials, historical archives, scientific and technological resources, environment and other information systems. ⑤ Automatic control: industrial production process integrated automation, process optimum control Traffic control, traffic control, weapons. ⑥ Pattern recognition: the application of computers to identify and classify a group of events or processes, which can be words, sounds, etc image It can also be abstract objects such as state and degree. ⑦ Affairs Management: for public institutions, it mainly deals with daily affairs, such as hospital management information system, hotel management information system, school management information system, etc. [1]  

Computer application system system development

According to the user's technical requirements for the application system, this paper analyzes the information flow of manual processing, designs the internal structure of the computer system, and realizes and maintains the process. The development of computer application system is computer technology The second development of. The development process, i.e. system life cycle, is generally divided into five stages: planning, analysis, design, implementation and operation and maintenance. [1]  
① Planning stage. The task of this stage is to make a preliminary investigation on the application environment, objectives and current system status, clarify the problems, determine the development strategy of the system, analyze and predict the demand for the construction of the system, analyze the various constraints on the construction of the new system, and study the necessity and possibility of building a new system. After the feasibility analysis report is written and submitted to the user for approval, the system proposal scheme and implementation plan are compiled into the system development task statement systems analysis Stage. [1]  
② Analysis phase. According to the needs of computer users for input, processing process and output characteristics, this paper investigates and analyzes the current situation of the original system, and on this basis, puts forward preliminary suggestions for establishing a new system or reforming an old system, that is, to predict and describe the objectives, functions, costs, benefits, personnel and progress of the new system. This stage is also called the feasibility study stage. [1]  
③ Design phase. Firstly, the composition of the system and the requirements of software and hardware environment are determined according to the investigation, and the system proposal is put forward. After the scheme is demonstrated and passed, it is transferred to the physical design, that is, the input and output of the system, processing process, information flow direction data structure , display and print format, as well as man-machine dialogue mode, and so on. At this time, the system should be divided into several modules and processes, and their relationship and processing sequence should be analyzed to ensure the integrity, correctness and adaptability of the system. After careful analysis and selection of various methods, the implementation plan and implementation plan are proposed at the end of this stage Schedule Write the system user manual and operation manual. Both analysis and design work are carried out by System Analyst Done. [1]  
④ Implementation phase. All aspects of system initialization, system preparation, system installation and system configuration are completed. The work in this stage is carried out by programmer Operator and completion. [1]  
⑤ Operation and maintenance phase. After the successful development of the system, the system is delivered to users for formal use and benefit. It includes the daily operation management and maintenance of the system, the comprehensive evaluation of the system and the supervision and audit of the system development project. Maintenance work generally includes correctness, integrity, adaptability and prevention. In the process of system operation, the system function may be insufficient due to the change of environment, or the function requirements that can not be found or solved in the development process need to be modified, maintained or partially adjusted. This work is carried out by notifying users of changes or updating versions. [1]  

Computer application system system evaluation

System evaluation is of direct guiding significance to the development of computer application system. It needs qualitative or quantitative analysis on function index, performance index, usability, reliability, comprehensibility, scalability, maintainability, portability and system cost. The quality of these indexes determines the life of the system. [1]  

Computer application system System features

By distributing computing on a large number of distributed computers rather than local computers or remote servers, enterprise data centers will operate more like the Internet. This enables enterprises to switch resources to the applications they need and access computers and storage systems according to their needs. [1]  
It's like changing from the old single generator mode to the centralized power supply mode of power plants. It means that computing power can also be circulated as a commodity, just like gas and water and electricity, with convenient access and low cost. The biggest difference is that it's transmitted over the Internet. [1]  

Computer application system Systematic analysis

Computer application system computing is often confused with grid computing, utility computing and autonomous computing. [1]  
Grid Computing: a kind of distributed computing, a super virtual computer composed of a group of loosely coupled computers, which is often used to perform some large tasks [1]  
For example, it is calculated according to the utility and storage cost separately; [1]  
Autonomic computing: a computer system with self-management functions. [1]  
In fact, many cloud computing deployment depends on computer cluster (but it is quite different from the composition, architecture, purpose and working mode of grid), and also absorbs the characteristics of autonomic computing and utility computing. [1]  

Computer application system Privacy issues

Users are inevitably involved in the application of computer system privacy problems. User participation is to collect some user data, thus causing users data security I'm afraid. Many users worry that their privacy will be collected by cloud technology. Because of this, many manufacturers promise to avoid collecting users' privacy when they join the cloud plan, and even if they do, they will not disclose or use them. However, many people still doubt the manufacturer's commitment, and their suspicion is not unreasonable. Many well-known manufacturers have been accused of divulging users' privacy, and disclosure incidents do occur from time to time. [1]  
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