Microwave devices

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It refers to the device working in the microwave band (frequency 300-300000 MHz), called microwave device. According to their functions, microwave devices can be divided into microwave oscillator (microwave source), power amplifier mixing Microwave transmission line, antenna, etc. Through circuit design, these devices can be combined into a variety of microwave circuits with specific functions. For example, these devices can be used to assemble transmitters, receivers, antenna systems, displays, etc. for radar, electronic warfare systems and communication systems.
Chinese name
Microwave devices
Band frequency
300-300000 MHz
Devices working in microwave band
Microwave oscillator. power amplifier

Microwave devices definition

Microwave devices can be divided into microwave electric vacuum devices, microwave semiconductor devices, microwave integrated circuits (solid-state devices) and microwave power modules according to their working principles, materials and processes. Microwave vacuum devices include klystron, traveling wave tube, magnetron, backward wave tube, gyrotron, virtual cathode oscillator, etc. Microwave semiconductor devices include microwave transistors and microwave transistors Microwave diode It has the advantages of small size, light weight, good performance and low power consumption. However, it can not completely replace the electric vacuum devices in high frequency and high power conditions. Microwave integrated circuit is the circuit with Microwave Function fabricated in GaAs or other semiconductor technology semiconductor material It is widely used in the fields of high-speed computer, radar and communication system. The microwave power module uses solid-state power synthesis technology to combine multiple solid-state power modules

Microwave devices Application examples

The solid-state microwave power device combination has the advantages of high efficiency and easy to use, which is of great significance for radar, communication, electronic countermeasure and other electronic equipment. Microwave oscillator (microwave source) is an important device in microwave system and the heart of electronic equipment, which has a direct impact on its performance. For example, in the high-power microwave weapon system, the high-power microwave oscillator determines its killing effectiveness; in the radar system, the microwave oscillator determines the radar operating range. Microwave oscillator will be further developed in the direction of high power, high efficiency, miniaturization, low power consumption and low cost.